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Beaver Island - Arranmore Twinning :: Photographs

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Return to Ireland 2006

April 7, 2006 Update - Many thanks to the group currently in Ireland for sending back some photographs for those of us on Beaver!
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April 11 - ... and there’s more!


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April 2 - ... and Three Dozen More Photographs


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March 31 - More Photos Posted...

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March 17 - More Photos Posted

40 more photos from Ireland have now been posted here.


March 11 - Update from Ireland:

The twinning was an amazing event. People looking across the room were very often looking back at themselves through the eyes of their relatives. Many friendships have been forged all along the West coast of Ireland. The bus leaves Galway for Dublin at 2 pm today with most of the travelers going home tomorrow. The one thing that stands out in my mind was the oft comment by the Arranmore people at the hospitality of Beaver Island in hosting the original event on Beaver and how they could never repay the people there. Let me tell you they not only repaid it, they exceeded it!!! Everything couldn't have been better. The memorial at the lake on Arranmore is a tremendous structure which has a Beaver and an Otter facing each other with a Trout/Salmon between them symbolizing the unity we both share. There was a tremendous wind and driving rain the day of the twinning to which the Arranmore people were most apologetic. This writer, speaking on behalf of the Beaver Island contingent told them that the weather we had to endure for no more than 30-40 minutes could not compare to the horrible storm they endured on their way out to Beaver Island. I further told them that to stand in that rain and wind did not compare to any of the hardships our ancestors suffered in order to protect their heritage and their childrens’ right to life. It was a tremendous event. Hopefully yet today I will be able to post some pictures but in the meantime, those of you who were unable to attend can be very proud of the fact that a great and historic link was made and that the entire group represented Beaver Island in a most acceptable way. A documentary film crew will be coming to Beaver Island in the spring to cover that end of the unique relationship and will have a film for showing in the fall. It is hoped that some support can be brought to them to get it aired somehow in the states. More later….

-- Rich Gillespie

March 07 - Update from Ireland:

Hello!! Didn't think we would be this long contacting you but wanted to report that everyone arrived on Arranmore today to a huge welcome. There were bagpipers on both shores welcoming us into Burtonport and Arranmore as well. There were television cameras and reporters all around and as many as two hundred people to greet us when we made the dock at Arranmore. Some openly cried when they stepped off the boat and many were choking back tears as 150+ years of Arranmore history came back together. All of the school children were down for the greeting and practically everyone able to squeeze onto the pierhead. The feeling is very hard to describe as is the quick connections made by those who came to Beaver Island and many who were anxious to see their relatives from across the sea. Everyone was shuttled to the various homes and cottages that they were placed in and had a great afternoon of visiting and comparing their history. Rich was interviewed (as were many others hopefully!!) by people creating a documentary of this historic trip as well as a channel that is doing a story for their Gaelic only channel. A tape is promised to be sent to Beaver Island. Local television cameras were also present to record the moment and it is reported that this was to be on the evening news out of Dublin. There is so much to tell you and little time to do it as we are off to Early's Tavern for the first nights festivities. If you couldn't make it we hope to represent you all proudly.

-- Rich and Laura Gillespie

The trip will commence for most during the 1st week of March 2003 with the "twinning" held on Arranmore Island over the weekend of the 7 & 8th of March. There will be many people arriving on a chartered tour bus which will haul them from Dublin on the 6th of March for an overnight stay in Donegal Town and then on to Burtonport and Arranmore the morning of the 7th.

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Beaver Island - Arranmore Twinning :: Photographs